Motor City Viper Owners
Established August 5th, 1994

Welcome to the offical website for the Motor City Viper Owners!
MCVO currently has 116 members and growing.

The club's objectives are simple:

--Help Viper Owners have fun with their Vipers: Coordinate Social and Driving Events
--Facilitate communication between our club and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles - SRT and Dodge
--Create a unified look and voice within the Viper community

For more information the Motor City Viper Owners, E-mail us at
2016 MCVO Executive Committee

President - Bruce Heckman

Vice President - Sam Milana

Treasurer - Tim Sutherland

Secretary - John Wright

MCVO Appointed Directors
Membership - Bob White

Social - Sandi White

Apparel - Sandi White

Social Media - Jason Pontello
Motorsports - Dick Winkles / David Colletti

Website - Zach Thompson

Newsletter - Ann & Gary Rappaport

Club Advisor - Maureen Hackney
Photographer - Ted Gray / Lori Emerling
MCVO Documents

By Laws

Operations Manual

Code of Conduct

MCVO Honorary Members
Larry Baker
Francois Castaing
Bob Champine
Ralph Gilles
John Hinckley
Bob Lutz
Steve Sharples
Mike Stephens
MCVO Charter Members - 1994
Bob Ackerman
Floyd Allen
Roderick Baltzer
Jerry Barnes
Larry Baxter
George Benko
Mark Berman
Jim Bielenda
Sam Brasile
Charlie Brown III
David Buchesky
Mark Burnstein
John Colone
Charles Cox
Duane Cross
Mark Dailey
John Dicicco
Charles Drake
Larry Edmondson
Sandy Emerling
Stan Engelhardt
Hank Fairchild
Randolph Fawkes
George Gallagher
William Gill
John Hammond
Basil Hargrave-Thomas
Bob Hoeksema
Rich Huvaere
Doug Iles
Joseph M. Klutz
William LaPenna
Harry Lewis
Doug Livermore
Monti Long
Thomas Lowry
Walter Marks
Steven Matz
Terrance Moore
Michael Morss
Richard Niethammer
Steven Nowak
Don Paul
Gene Payson
Joseph Pistorio
Fred Poe
Rick Reuter
Katherine Shockley
Roy Sjoberg, Jr.
Karen Smith
Louis Spanberger
Ron Stene
David Stevens
Roger Swap
Rick Tessmer
Chris Theodore
Larry Thom
John Thompson
Frank Vaughn, Jr.
Brad Vollmer
Terence Weaver
Mitchel Wehrly
Jeffrey Wilkie
Daniel Wlodkowski